This powerful ensemble stretches its legs and strides into its auspicious future. "Shy Beast has introduced itself and offered its complex and appealing music over the past couple years, but now, it demonstrates its penchant for blending sound and style". It is clear how the group appeals to many with its various themes and open atmospheres of possibility. Shy Beast hails from Austin but plays to all.


The music showcases Mariclaire Glaeser’s immense vocal range and tones of diamond clarity.  Her voice is feminine but also liberated and absolutely commanding of the songs.  Clever synth lines, precise guitar work and a dynamic rhythm section round out the band with help from David Tenczar, Drew Silverman and Taylor Wilkins.


Newcomers to Shy Beast’s music may be assured that yes, the band plays electro-pop, but the boundaries of that are sure to be re-drawn with this new creature entering the musical fray.  Follow the band closely as the changes are coming rapidly.  Shy Beast stands well positioned artistically to step into the front ranks of pop music and any of its subgenres.  The beast invites you to hop on for a rumbling ride through the forests of imagination to the deep dark hideouts of the heart.